Interview mentioning Bob Massa and Text Brokers

It is strange that they keep mentioning Bob Massa like he is in the past tense. "Initially, many in the SEO community were sure that these maverick portals would meet the same end as" This is just not the case, may have lost its PR 7 ranking and Google has remained mum on the subject. So the text brokers live on.

Google is stating that they are committed to stamping out text link advertising as a means for increasing PageRank or keyword rankings in organic search.

Google's own guidelines state they are planning on simply discounting specific text link ads, not penalizing or banning sites for buying or selling them.

Allowing webmasters to buy and sell text links that will actually help the search engine algorithms identify what a website is about unlike clumps of unrelated links in the footer of a website, which is what you typically get with traditional paid links.

It seems to hint at the idea that paid links will continue to be a major industry despite Google's ongoing efforts to stamp it out.

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A Brave New World: the Current and Future Status of Text Link Advertising
Contributed by Hugo Guzman
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